How Tote Bag Organizing Works

Having a simple tote bag system in place will make your life much easier and more organized!

The pursuit of the organized purse or bag is never-ending. When I graduated from a diaper bag, I was so excited. Finally my purse was back! Not really, because now my purse contained all of my things plus all of the miscellaneous items considered vital by my children.

After seven years, I’ve finally found a system to use for organizing my bag. Thank you to my friend, Jena, for her wonderful idea! I call it the two step tote bag combo.

1. Purchase a small crossover bag. Keep it small! My bag has two zippered compartments (one for the wallet, the other for keys, mandatory inhaler for kids, and lip gloss), and two exterior compartments or pouches for your iPod and cell phone. I always know where they are if they go back to their “home.” Avoid the messenger bag flap because you have to deal with that before you ever get to your phone, wallet, or other few items.

2. Purchase a medium sized canvas tote with decent structure that won’t fall over when you set it on the ground. Keep it simple. The tote functions as your temporary storage bag for your children’s items that they may need. You might have a coloring book with a few crayons, a reading book, homework folders, or a couple of small toys.

How It Works

Here’s how they work. The tote contains those items deemed necessary by the kids, and your bag contains those things deemed necessary to you.

When you’re toting children around, who may need those things, you slip your small bag into the larger one. If you’re on your own, pull your crossover bag out, and viola!

Efficiency is the key. Your essentials are in your crossover bag, and accessible at an instant. Your kid’s things are in their bag, and ready for them.

The same rules apply to this tote bag system as a regular purse.

For this organizing system to work, you need to keep both of them uncluttered with unnecessary items. If not, you end up with two black holes!

To prevent this, I clear out the tote at the end of every couple of days. I also remove any non-essential items that have slipped into the second compartment of my crossover bag.

You may not get to carry around the newest hobo purse when using this system, but the bags you do carry will be efficient, manageable, and remove a little bit of stress from your day.