A Bedroom Checklist

Does your child's room look like it was bombed?

Do they have trouble finding things?

Maybe it's time for a bedroom checklist .

If I tell my daughters to clean their room, an hour may pass without progress. The job is too vague, and they don't really know the steps involved in "cleaning thier bedroom." So, I thought about what I would do if I had to teach them how to clean a room, step by step. In effect, I did the organizing for them, ahead of time by creating a checklist.

Our daughter LOVES to check things off a list. Needless to say, this list works great!

The key to success is this: If it's not on the list, they don't have to do it. There are some weeks I have to tweak the list, but if it can't be checked off, it can't be done.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

o Put dirty clothes in laundry

o Put clean clothes in dresser/closet

o Put toys away in their homes

o Return things to other rooms

o Tidy (straighten) books, dresser & closet

o Throw away trash

o Vacuum