The Hidden Artist

Did you ever stop to think you have something remarkable, an artist hiding within your soul? Perhaps there’s a talent or passion dying to get out?

Could your child have those same drives?

Something's Hiding Deep Inside

The concept of hiddent talent or art was brought up by Seth Godin in his thought provoking book, Linchpin . As I read this book, I quickly realized that his theories were not limited to the working world. They are universal. This person is someone, anyone, with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection, or a new way of getting things done.”

This talent within could be a writer, a teacher, someone who loves to help people, or a program designer. It could even be the man or woman who makes you feel acknowledged and appreciated while serving you a cup of soup.

Art exists everywhere.

Your Budding Monet Goes To School

What happens to children when they enter school? There seems to be a culture clash. Schools are under pressure like never before to produce, produce, produce. Our children drilled and practiced, and then tested to make sure they fit within the bell curve.

It is neither malicious nor intentional, and some schools do a great job at allowing kids to explore their talents. Schools, under so much pressure from the higher –ups, can become so focused on test scores that they drop the “non-essentials.” If it isn’t on the test, don’t teach it.

I was a teacher for several years, and fully understand the need to monitor and check progress on a regular basis. There are grade level standards and competencies that need to be taught. Testing gives schools the opportunities to evaluate and grow.

In theory I accept, understand and believe.

A Nagging Question

As a mother, I have this nagging little question that refuses to go away: what about the child that doesn’t test well? What about the child who is incredibly remarkable in ways that can be measured by traditional tests? Children who have remendous “artistic” potential?

The educational system can be difficult for some kids.

This testing trend in schools is happening in a culture that is crying out for someone to be remarkable, human, and feeling. Not everything can be measured with a test.

It is the artist that is remarkable and capable of great things!

What makes someone remarkable?

After extensive reading and contemplation, I have come up with the mommy theory of remarkability .

When you tap into the God-given talent that makes you individual and unique, AND you nurture and cultivate that talent, it becomes art. You become a remarkable person. You become an artist of YOUR talent.

When you do what you love, what makes your heart sing, you are remarkable.

Here's the challenge/question for anyone parenting an out-of-the-box child:

How do I unleash the artist, the passion within my child, AND balance it with the need to show “academic progress” in a traditional way?

How can I nurture my child in a way that will allow them to become remarkable without failing at school?

I don’t have the answer. At this point, I don’t think anyone really does. So I wait, with a mixture of excitement and dread, to see how our educational system tackles this issue. And in the meantime, I try to provide a home that promotes a nurturing environment for the artist within.